Question for the blogosphere

When you run into a site or blog post somewhere on the ‘Net that you want to blog about, but you don’t have time to do so right now, what tool do you use to save or mark it to come back to later, or remind yourself to write your blog post?
For example, amuse blogged about a post by Jason. Some thoughts occured to me and I decided I wanted to write a full blog post, rather than just a quick tweet, but I’m on the phone with a customer right now (luckily he’s busy adjusting his firewall right now). I wanted to save both links to include in my blog post, but couldn’t think of a way to do that easily. OK, I’ve just included them in THIS blog post, but the thought occurred to me that those of you who do a lot of time surfing and blogging and commenting on other blogs (via your own posts) must have some sort of tools or other system to say “I want to blog about this, so let’s save this in my list of things to write about later today / this week, where it’s easy to come back to it”.