HTML email rant

A rant on the wrong wait to use the mutipart/alternative MIME type in email.

So there are five different ways to do email with HTML in it. Only one of them is correct. Commercial entities should know better.

Either they

  1. Don’t include a text/plain (Walgreens, GNS3)
  2. Include a text/plain that is just a duplicate of the text/html(IFTT)
  3. Include a text/plain that is the text of the text/html, with all the href links, which are useless in a text/plain context(Zillow, Royal Caribbean)
  4. Include an actual plaintext message in the text/plain, but the content of that message is just their legalese and a message to go to a particular URL if your mail reader can’t display text/html(Chase, Adobe)
  5. Include a text/plain version that contains exactly the same text as the text/html version, but without any of the HTML markup, making it actualy readable to mere human beings.(Patreon).