Minor Home Network Rewiring

After some minor home network rewiring (2 additional Cat6 cables from network rack to desk, re-tipped all Ethernet cables with keystone jacks, installed in a 4-gang surface mount box, patch cable from the computers to the new keystone jacks. Unfortunately one of the original cables I had running between the rack and my desk is only 20′, so it is now too short for the new path, so only 4 actual connections to the desk. I’ll replace that later.) I’m rather pleased with my Internet performance today:

23 ms ping, 49.45 Mbps Download, 5.44 Mbps Upload, AT&T Internet, Keller, TX, < 50 mi

To Do: Install patch panel in the network rack, re-tip these cables into the back of the patch panel, install patch cables from panel to switch. Re-tip the cables going from the network rack to the Cisco lab bench the same way. Install some split loom or spiral conduit around these cable runs to keep them dressed neatly.

Keystone Jacks
4-gang surface mount box
25′ cat-6 Ethernet cables
5′ split loom. I should have ordered longer.